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The traditional sense of the word has been abandoned long ago and the modern
“granny flat” is all about a dynamic second home that has the power to add value to your life.

A head-start for your child

The next generation are making their mark on the world, but doing that in their own home is getting harder and harder.

Allowing them independence without the suffocating mortgage or rent can give them the ultimate head-start.

A granny flat can also be the perfect destination for a teenager to spend time in their own space while also ensuring that they are close to home and always safe.

Their home away from home

The world is not such a big place anymore and families are commonly spread all over the globe.

Give your extended family a place to stay where you can enjoy each other’s company but also retire to a space of your own.

With their own self-contained home, your guests can enjoy all the comforts of home while staying with you and your family.

For your parents’ independence

The granny flat has certainly been given the ultimate facelift over the years, but its core purpose is still of very high value.

Keeping your family closer, safer, and in the comfort of a home they can call their own; these are the reasons that a granny flat can offer you peace of mind.

A lasting investment

A property investment is one that you can bank on. The granny flat is an ideal way to increase the value of your block and secure a lasting investment for your future.

Having a second dwelling on your block will add to the value of your home thanks to all the benefits it gives the home owner in regards to emotion and financial value.

Short and/or Long term rental

AirB&B has opened up a whole new opportunity for short term rental potential. With OS travel becoming more and more affordable, people are looking for an authentic experience.

This can mean that they would prefer to stay in a local destination rather than on the tourist strip.

Building a stand-alone second home can open up your options of a second income or a second business endeavour!


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